The Keys to Writing a Powerful Memoir

Over the recent years, literature has seen a continuous increase in the popularity of memoirs among the reading public. A memoir is a form of creative non-fiction in which an author recounts and narrates important experiences from his or her life. It is basically a collection of memories written from the perspective of the author himself or herself. It is worthy to note, however, that a memoir is different from a biography. In essence, a memoir is not a full historical accounting. It does not necessarily have to cover the entire life of a person. A biography, on the other hand, does this. It is filled with historical facts about a person, and it covers his or her whole life, up until the present.

Memoirs cover a wide variety of themes. Family, friendship, parenthood, survival, discrimination, poverty, and war – these are some of the common themes that you can find in numerous memoirs. Generally, memoirs are compelling works of literature that deal with difficult and emotional yet inspiring topics. Going Going: The Abduction Of A Mind by Jack Weaver is an example of a powerful memoir that does precisely this. It talks about topics that might seem difficult for some, but are actually very necessary. As an overview, Going Going: The Abduction Of A Mind is a journal of a couple’s fifteen-year journey along the trail of Alzheimer’s. It tackles such things as faith, fear, and hope, and it essentially aims to inspire other people in coping with and overcoming whatever difficult situation they might be facing.

Taking an inspiration from Jack Weaver’s inspiring masterpiece, below are some of the keys to writing a powerful memoir that can help you weave your own journal someday.

Determine what you want to achieve with your memoir

The first step in writing a powerful memoir is to determine the goal that you want to achieve. Before you start recalling your experiences and writing them down, you first need to ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve with my memoir? What kinds of lessons do I want other people to get from reading my book?” To put it simply, you need to be clear when it comes to your desires and expectations as an author. Choose a specific goal for your memoir, and avoid being vague and ambiguous as much as possible. Doing so can help you make your memoir more targeted, grounded, and relatable.

Narrate your experiences in a compelling way

In order to hook people into reading and finishing your memoir, you need to be an engaging author. Your experiences should be narrated in a compelling way. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to appeal heavily to the emotions of people. This does not necessarily mean that your writing should be exaggerated. Instead, this suggests that your writing should be emotional enough to evoke certain feelings among the readers. To put it simply, in order for your memoir to be powerful, it should be an emotional journey.

Create a sensory experience for your readers

Another way to ensure that people become hooked to your memoir from beginning to end is to create a sensory experience for them. This means that you should translate your experiences into something that your readers can engage with and inhabit themselves. They should be able to feel the emotions that you are trying to induce, imagine the scenarios that you are trying to recount, recognize the message that you are trying to convey, and understand things from your point of view. To accomplish these things, you need to fill your memoir with vivid details. Use all of your senses in narrating your story. Make your readers feel as if they themselves are there in the specific moments of your life.

Share your reflections and realizations

The amount and quality of lessons that a memoir contains are usually the measure of how powerful it is as a work of literature. Generally, powerful memoirs are stuffed with reflections and realizations that can make the readers think, feel, and reflect. So, in order to make your memoir effective and impactful, you need to be a generous but sensible author. Share all of the reflections and realizations from your life that you think can inspire and help other people. Do not be afraid to appear vulnerable in your own story. Instead, try to be as honest and sincere as possible.

Overall, the increasing popularity of memoirs is mainly due to their ability to inspire people and make them reflect and realize many things about life. A memoir is indeed a great way to share your experiences, reflections, and realizations. By writing a powerful memoir like Jack Weaver’s Going Going: The Abduction Of A Mind, you are not just allowing other people to know something about you, but most importantly, you are also letting yourself become an inspiration to the world.