Positive Affirmations For Dealing With Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a frightening and daunting disease. It isn’t pretty for the one diagnosed with it and the family who have to accept this. This progressive disease gets worse over time and there is no known cure for it. You will catch sight of how your loved one slowly starts to slip away and there is nothing you can do to get them back. At times you will be sorrowful and, some other time, you will feel frustrated.

A family dealing with Alzheimer’s will face challenges and hold many responsibilities as they care for the loved one. Dealing with this may cause family members to feel anxious, upset, tired, and guilty. That being the case, you must take care of yourself and stay strong emotionally. You may care for yourself by declaring positive affirmations daily. Affirmations will affect your subconscious mind, encouraging you to believe some things about yourself. Positive affirmations manifest many emotions including happiness. Here are positive affirmations to free you from all negative self-talk and empower you.

I am Doing the Best I Can Do

Humans are hard-wired to focus on negative aspects. It can be hard to stay positive when you know for a fact that your loved one is slowly fading away. You may feel as though you are not doing enough to care for them. But, in fact, you are actually doing the best you can. This affirmation will remind you that you are not a superhuman but a simple human. A human being who is strong and is doing the best to their abilities to support this family member. Without this affirmation in your mind, you will feel anxious, scared, and guilty. This will help you forgive yourself for the things you cannot manage on your own. It is not your fault. Give yourself credit for your tasks every day. It takes a very strong person to do what you are doing and you should be proud of yourself.

I Choose to Stay Focused on My Loved One

Some families have competing needs and loyalties. Family members will perform particular tasks to show how much they care. They will compete on who is the best caregiver of your loved one. When you are in a situation similar to this, take this affirmation. Stay focused on caring for your loved one and disregard their competitive advantage. Remember, you are there to support a loved one and not to show off.

Patience is a Virtue

Alzheimer’s patients often need more understanding. They have a harder time recalling memories and doing tasks. This can be frustrating for you, as the caregiver, and for the loved one. Take this affirmation to get through these frustrations. Take a few deep breaths and instill this in your mind. Embrace this affirmation. Patience is the greatest ability that you must possess when dealing with Alzheimer’s. This will not only calm you but also for the agitated family member. Patience should be embodied especially in times of mood swings and angry outbursts. There will be many hurdles along the way and this quality is the key to positively dealing with these circumstances.

I will Remind Him/Her That He/She is Valued

Imagine how exasperating it can be for Alzheimer’s patients to feel left out, forget things, screw up, and not being able to do things like before. This causes them to feel depressed, feeling emotions of being useless. Their mental decline makes them feel unloved and excluded in the family. Use this affirmation to remind yourself that your loved one can still feel emotions despite forgetting all good memories. Without a doubt, it can be easy for you to fall into the trap of focusing mainly on their health, safety, and needs. Remind them of the important role they hold in the family. Include them in family conversations. Communication, even if it can be challenging, is the key to making them feel valued. Help them feel useful to contribute to their happiness.

I will Make Meaning Out of this Disease

When you first received the news that your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it can feel as though time is running out. It can be hard to move forward at all, much less stay positive. Negative situations plus negative thoughts will equal to negativity throughout. Repeat this affirmation in your head plenty of times. You have to stay positive at times. Do not allow negativity to consume you before it is too late. Be thankful for your day and the chance to live and love for your loved one. Make meaning in the daily things you do with your loved one as this will be a treasure you will hold for life.